Become an I-30, Feed 30 kids for 28 days, and Earn a $250 Bonus (Produce 2K QV in first 28 days *)
• Become an I-75, Feed 75 kids for 28 days, and Earn a $500 Bonus (Produce 5K QV in first 28 days *)
• Become an I-150, Feed 150 kids for 28 days, and Earn a $1000 Bonus (Produce 10K QV in first 28 days *)
Note – there is a total of $1,750 iLaunch bonuses available in your first 28 days in addition
to the regular rewards

A. Build a List (Start with your hot 20 and go from there)

B. Give an Introduction to the Hope Movement to them with a 2-3 minute intro Video

C. Share the Hope Overview Live/Recorded on or Facebook (Purpose,
Products, Participation)

D. Evolv your new customer, affiliate or social business partner with the HOPE50

Help them iLAUNCH and REPEAT the process to achieve your goals.
Use the following to build belief, and answer questions:
• Product Samples
• Live / Recorded – REBOOT LIVE on FB
• Live / Recorded – Social Business with Sam
• Live / Recorded – ESWPN program dsf

At this level you earn $1000-$2000
monthly plus an Evolv IMPACT trip valued at $4K plus you’ll
continue to earn Lifestyle Bonuses as you have a residual
impact on feeding children.
Download forms and applications at:

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